App request - different profiles/configuration

I am working with one Beryl. At home I’ve set a lab network with dedicated Tablet and Laptop, to get know the device and the capabilities.
When I am in my RV or in a House/Hotel, I want to use my home SSID for the Xbox, PS4, Xbox, Chromecast, Echo Dot … (damn, I’m carrying a lot of electronics…)

As ist is not a huge task, but I have to do it a lot, I want to ask for a feature:
I want to switch the configuration fast. One production, and a few testing stages. Maybe also some productive settings for different places.

As I’ve read the Beryl has a BT chip, for initial setup with the App, I can think of using it to switch profiles/configuration.
And for playing: A fast way of reset the configuration to factory default, without reflashing?

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Do you only need to quickly switch between some of the configurations (internet/wireless), or all configurations?

After the configuration change, the relevant processes on the router need to be restarted or reloaded.
So if you reset all configuration, almost all processes need to be restarted or reloaded. I don’t think this is much faster than rebooting the router.

What I need is a simple: ‘To go back to a defined state’.
When I am connected at home, insert the wanted configuration, pull the power an put it in my RV, there is a restart, anyway.

‘The Issue’ is, that I can’t have the same configuration at home as well as mobile. Some embedded ‘helper’ are a pain to setup with two SSID, bu luckily they are not interested in a changing BSSID.

The time saving part here is, that I need to go back to a functional state on traveling. The ‘more profiles’ is just thinking ahead.
In my RV, I have to change right now:

  • SSID 5GHz
  • WireGuard Endpoint (I have more than one)
  • sometimes ‘region’ setting in /etc/config/wireless
  • Access to the SD Card (with some media)

And there will be more over time.

Last Trip I’ve forgot to change the WireGuard Endpoint, so the little one was able to see ‘my Network’, but only the lab (a staged testing environment). So he was able to connect to Kodi with the database but not to the NAS with his anime series.
Clearly my fault. But it could be avoided with profiles to choose.

If I want it simple, I would have bought a second Beryl :wink:

Thanks for your feedback, we will discuss the feasibility of this feature. It should be possible to do at least some simple configuration (e.g. wireless) in the app for quick switching.

Due to laws and regulations, we are unable to provide a UI that allows users to select a region.

I know. It would be so nice just to select ‘Europe’ or specific ‘Germany’ to get a matching frequency set. But I know there are limitation.
And I know I am not allowed to play around too much. But I have to, since a lot of routers seems to use the channel 12+13, here in Germany.

The idea why I want it in the App:

  1. Because of the limited space and resourcces on the router
  2. Because of copying between more than one same model
  3. Because I don’t like the use the App right now, I do most settings via WebGUI… This would be a killer feature, at least for me :wink:

Just a wish, I love the Beryl even without configuration profiles.

I have a need for the same profile feature. I have clients who rent or lease my company’s equipment solutions. Being able to store and retrieve a profile for my repeat customers would be awesome.

Also, there are times I need to send two sets of equipment to the same location but one set of equipment may just barely be in the range of the other so the 2nd set of equipment needs to be on another SSID. So having that profile switch would be helpful.

+100 points if the switch on the side could do that switch for me. :rofl: