App shows FTP service but web interface does not, and no password options

I just received my Slate AX today, upgraded it to the latest firmware, and have been playing around.

In the app, under Plugins > Network Storage > Share, there’s a Services option for FTP. This is very useful to me, but there is no option to set up an FTP user or otherwise protect it. The FTP is open access.

Further, there’s no mention of FTP anywhere on the web interface.

Why are there differences in features between the app and web interface, and no password options for FTP?

EDIT: And for that matter, no function to format the SD card? Seriously?

FTP should not be displayed, this is a firmware bug. it was removed in the official release because of compatibility and stability issues.
The formatting feature is still in the development plan.

Thanks for the clarity, that’s a shame as I find FTP more useful than Samba, but if it was unstable then I suppose I’m not missing much, maybe it will come again in the future? And good to hear that formatting will come. Is this development plan publicly viewable at all?

There is no specific time point for the release of these two features, but it should be within this year.