App/Web UI VPN configuration discrepancy


I just recieved my Beryl AX3000 travel router and so far I am very happy with it. However, I did find an issue (but not with the router).

I set up several wireguard client configurations using a zip under a “New Group” in the web UI and this works great.

When I access the router via the iOS app, the new configuration group that was set in the webUI is missing and none of the VPN configurations appear in the app.

I’ve restarted the router and reinstalled the app and the exisiting wireguard configurations still do not show up on the app when logged into the router but they do show up in the webUI.

I also have a Mango GL-MT300N-v2 and it’s also showing the same discrepancy between the WebUI and the iOS app.

On both routers the firmware is up to date. This appears to be a bug in the iOS app. Has anyone else ran into this issue before?


App version 1.4 does not yet support managing VPN profiles on the router, please update the test version.
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