Apple Airplay over Goodcloud Site2Site network

I know this might sound a bit odd - are there any ideas on how to get AirPlay (Music and Video) working over a goodcloud site2site network?

No, not really. It does not support different networks by default.

True, I forgot to mention: both routers of the site2site network have the same wifi ssid. The networks themselfes should appear as one with the site2site networking enabled, don’t they.
This enables not only users to freely roam across the network but also makes the sonos app work (wich I found quite interesting)

No. They are 2 different networks with a tunnel between them. They are not one network.

2 highways connected by one exit are still 2 highways :wink:

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You might be able to do this with a layer-2 bridge across the VPN. You will have to fully bridge the networks though I think. So same IP space on both sides, and you will be forwarding all broadcasts and more importantly multicasts across the vpn this way. Best of luck if you go that route ;).

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Thx! Sounds like that route is not for me :rofl:

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It is involved and may not work anyway.