AR-150 and USB Hub?

Hi everyone! I have a question with regards to the USB port of the AR-150? I flashed the pineapple firmware and connected an Alfa Wifi adapter to the USB port; everything is working great. The problem I have is, that I can’t install all the modules I’m interested in, because of the low memory capacity. Is it possible to connect an USB hub to the AR-150 port and to use the Alfa adapter and an USB flash drive simultaneously? Is the AR-150 capable of handling both devices at the same time?

Thank you for your help!

I think it can work. You can have a try.

I would definitely suggest a high-quality USB adapter at a minimum (not that “spare” one you have in your drawer) or, better, a powered USB hub. Between a wireless adapter and flash, you’re likely to exceed the 500 mA that a USB port supplies with USB 2.0. Some wireless adapters alone can exceed 500 mA.

I considered already buying one, because the “spare ones I have in my drawer” are probably 10 years old. I will buy an active hub and try it. Thank you!

Would it be smarter to use an older USB flashdrive aka USB 2.0 or not? I suspect that older device might consume less power… Is this correct?

Unlikely a significant power difference and guaranteed to be dog slow. A USB 3 stick has a chance of being faster, even on a USB 2 system.