Ar 150 is wildly unstable

I have reset and re setup my unit multiple times. Sometimes, I can get it to work but only until it is disconnected from power, not when it restarts. Other times it fails the minute I make an update to it. It is running V2.2 of the firmware. Currently, I have one solid green light and a blinking red light. I’m frustrated from spending so many cycles on it.

The goal is to get it to start up, join it WISP to my eero network, change the SSID and restart it and see it light up and work as expected.

I am doing my setup through the Web interface.


I went back in and mess around with it some more. Just when I thought I’d gotten it to be stable, I made a save to the SSID and next thing all I got was one solid green light. After 5 min, I unplugged it and plugged it back in to see what I’d get. Came back up. Working but not solid like I’d like right now.

hi @icebox500, in repeater mode when it cannot connect the main router, its own ap is affected. We solved this issue and we just need some days to put this in the firmware and release. Please allow me some days to publish v2.21

Please try v2.21

I am having these EXACT problems and I’m running 2.22. I can setup the GL-AR300M perfectly and get it working in WISP. However, all I have to do it power off, and the next time I plug it in, it does NOT work and I have to set it up all over again. I’m forced to RESET the device and reconfigure from scratch.

@brianhendrix, this is strange. I have no idea of what is happening?

When you re-power the device, does it still have the configs or saved ssids information when you built the repeater last time?

Now when you press the reset switch, the middle LED will start to flash once per second. After 3 seconds when the LED flash quicker, you can release your finger and it will disable the repeater and reset your network. So you can re-configure the router without clear the whole firmware.