AR-150 LEDs - config and use

I am struggling with the LED config on the AR150.

My goal is to configure an LED (middle) to turn ON when the client\station is unavailable.

The manual says the right is power (looking at the Ethernet ports), left is wireless activity. Middle for user config.

There is only one config in Luci=>System=LED Configuration or the system file for LEDS, so I assume Power is “hard coded”.

config led ‘led_wlan’
option name ‘WLAN’
option sysfs ‘gl_ar150:wlan’
option trigger ‘phy0tpt’
option default ‘0’

After some testing it appears that the LEDS are named from left to right:
gl_ar150:wan ?

At one point I was toggling the “Power” LED with the wifi, but its not doing that now. So is this a “Power” led, and where\how is it configured?

Related, can someone please help me understand what the “Device” values map to on the AR-150:
wlan0-1 - I notice this value disappears when I disable the WWAN (client\Sta)

Regarding to the leds:

  • There is no physical power led. There appears to be a place near the ethernet-ports on the board where the power-led could have been placed.
  • During the startup procedure the LED at the most left lits green (gl_ar150:wan).
  • After startup the green LED at the most left is associated to gl_ar150:wan.
  • The middle LED (also green) is associated to gl_ar150:lan.
  • The LED at the most right (red) is associated to gl_ar150:wan.

Regarding to the devices:

  • eth0 is the WAN ethernet connection.
  • eth1 is the LAN ethernet connection.
  • ifb0 doesn't say a thing to me, maybe someone else know?
  • ifb1 doesn't say a thing to me, maybe someone else know?
  • br-lan is the group of eth1 and wlan0 together (see also LuCI at Network > Interfaces > Edit (at the right side of br-lan) > Physical settings).
  • wlan0 is the wireless connection.
  • wlan0-1 doesn't say much to me. I think it indeed might be the WWAN connection.
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@Jeroen is correct. There is no physical power LED. All the LEDs are configurable.

So the 3 LEDs are:

gl_ar150:wan, gl_ar150:lan, gl_ar150:wlan

It is not important to indicate cable connection (WAN and LAN), so the two LEDs are user as Power and another one as user configurable. ifb0 and ifb1 is used by QoS actually.

To use the middle LED for sta, do this in your wifiMgr script or you can write another scripts only checking the status.

On: echo 1 > /sys/class/leds/gl_ar150:lan/brightness

Off: echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/gl_ar150:lan/brightness



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