AR-150 OpenVPN Performance Testing

I have configured my AR-150 with OpenVPN (TAP) as a client to talk to my OpenVPN server running on a PC-Engines ALIX. I have had this running on a HooToo TM-02 Router for some time now.

Performance results are below.

TM-02 AR-150
Speed 360 400
Flash 8 16
Ram 32 64
Memory 15 44
Free 12 36
Buffered 3 7


No Eth 4.20\1.72 8.53\4.78
Eth 5.42\2.51 11.89\5.87
Both 5.47\2.55 11.76\5.84

Lan Spd 5.44\2.09 12.97\10.034

I use the Internet Speed Test – AT&T Official Site to test internet connections, and Tutosoft Lan Speed Test Lite to test file transfer speed over the VPN. I tested the internet speed 3 ways, wireless on both sides, wired on the LAN, and with both the wired and wireless LAN. I did not have a cable to test a fully wired configuration (WAN), WAN was only wireless. The Lan Spd was with a wired connection on the LAN side. I tested the HooToo twice for each and the AR-150 for three runs each, and took the averages. I did not have time to test any qualitative performance (usually You-Tube streaming) and did not record latency or jitter.

I am quite pleased with the AR150 performance, which is basically twice the HooToo. I believe that it is about the max I can expect based upon the internet connection available. (50 down/11 up) The 11 up pretty much caps my capabilities. (Server UP is Client DN)

The MT300A could be a real screamer in this application with 50% more CPU and 100% more memory.

Thanks very much for the speed test. This could be very helpful for a lot of users!