Ar-300M - Transmission doesnt work on 3.105 latest fw

you guys always break transmission on every release. Working on earlier release now its not. Flashed with new image again same (3.105), no luck.
Web page doesnt work ip:9091

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ssl upgrade broke transmission.

Pls wait a few days and we will put 3.201 snapshot on website.

thank you…is there a workaround till then?

3.201 is in snapshot now so pls hold on and just try it.

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Where can I download, link please…

Any known working version number you can provide?

You can download from here

Image is too big (17.7 MB) for this router, fails to upgrade.

Upgrade from 3.1 also fails - screen shot attached.

If you are using AR300M16 (16M Nor flash version), pls try this one GL.iNet download center