AR-300M - Unable to connect to hotel Wi-Fi for longer than a few hours (with auto-reconnect enabled)

I am unable to connect the router in WISP mode to the hotel Wi-Fi which has a captive portal. Once I authenticate to the captive-portal using one of my devices connected to the router it works fine for several hours and then suddenly stops working. When I check the status page I see that there is no connection even though the ‘Auto scan & reconnect’ option is checked.

I have to manually open the list of saved connection and click on ‘connect’ after which it disables the LAN Wi-Fi briefly and connects successfully to the hotel Wi-Fi after which things work for another few hours. I have the ‘rebind protection’ option disabled as captive portal didn’t work until I disabled it.

when you reconnect, does the portal page pop again?

This seems that the connect is not stable. If the router failed too many times to connect, it just disabled it.

Hi, thank you for replying. No, the portal page does not pop up. When I authenticate to the portal it gives me 168 hours before expiry (1 week) so it would seem it has nothing to do with the portal page. I just have to manually reconnect by clicking on ‘saved stations’ and then ‘connect’ and it works again.

You disable repeater manager which manages the wifi repeater.

ssh to you box and do the following:

killall gl_health
mv /usr/bin/gl_health /usr/bin/gl_health1

In this way the router will always connect to the same wifi. But if it cannot connect, its own wifi will not show up. So you may need a cable to configure it again.

Thanks, that worked! I’ve been connected for the last 24 hours without any issues.