AR-300m upgrade uboot to newer verions


Very good, thanks for the clarification.

Great to know. Did this help you in some way? Did you just run:

setenv variableName

For each variable and then saveenv to commit?


For each variable and then saveenv to commit?

No, no setenv/saveenv after erasing, just reboot to u-boot … envvars will then be set to defaults!


Well, I want to add that the new Uboot is way better than the NAND only version shipped with my AR300M. No MTU issues - uploading the firmware is now flawless on Windows. This is the way it should have been on release. If any current AR300M user has this old Uboot, I would highly suggest not testing unknown images on your device without upgrading Uboot to this version.

I did not even solder the board. I paid $1 at the local electronics shop for the UART and 3 female to male breadboard cables and just placed the pins in the provided holes on the board. Worked fine.


How can I do this without going to u-boot console?
What does it actually do?
What are this addresses?
Or can I at least enable netconsole in this u-boot?

EDIT: Not needed anymore, I’ve bought USB-TTL converter and did it from u-boot console.