AR-300M v3.xx firmware / force VPN?

So I updated one of my AR-300M to the latest 3.x firmware branch and I like the new interface and WireGuard options (haven’t ventured to set that part up yet…still using OpenVPN.) But I’m concerned that the “Force VPN” option is no longer there. I do not want any leaks and want the router to only pass traffic if the VPN is connected, a hardware kill switch if you will. This was possible with 2.xx firmware and easily set.

Where is this option in 3.xx and as a side note … does it apply to the Wireguard VPN as well or only with OpenVPN connections?

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I believe this post should point you somewhat in the right direction: VPN policy quick guide. It mentions that under the VPN Policy, enabling “Use VPN for all processes on the router” should give the same sort of functionality.

Note that this is available 3.022 and up.

Edit: I’ve gotten it to work with WireGuard, but I don’t have any OpenVPN profiles set up to test with.

OK but as I understand it that section is for a different purpose. Another thread says that the “No internet if VPN is off” is the default functionality in 3.x now? I don’t quite understand it yet. They should have just left the dang check box easily accessible as in 2.x.

It’s the same thing…

What do you mean it’s the same thing? The option used to be clear and readily accessible to force all traffic to VPN (or not) and made it quick to enable/disable this function depending if I wanted a regular router or a total VPN router. Now it appears this has changed and there is no documentation or description of it. I may try to roll back to 2.27 as 3.xx seems to have went backwards in several areas I’m not enjoying.

A lot of beginner users didn’t understand the feature, so it’s better to block the internet while VPN is enabled but disconnected, than have users with data leaking all over the place without their understanding.

When the VPN has been configured but is disconnected, the router will disable all traffic.

If this option is active and the vpn connection go down then NO INTERNET but if the vpn connection is stopped by user then Internet UP.

OK that is basically how 2.27 worked. So you are saying 3.xx works the same? There is no checkbox and no explanation. I’m using it strictly as a VPN router and want it on VPN at all times or dead, although I would like to be able to use it as a traditional router perhaps sometime as well. I just don’t understand why they would take the options out of the UI, it seems foolish.

I tried and it works perfectly…

You tried what exactly and it worked?

Traffic on vpn and manual disconnection by switch button or gui from server: Internet ok; changing vpn server to simulate an occasional vpn disconnection: no Internet until the new vpn connection is established.