AR-750 won't reconnect

@dbbarron Hi
They dev team fixed the issu on the new firmware, so there is no need to install a package.
Just head to official support page for the slate and download the update file and upload it to the router. Please report back if you are still facing problems

Good luck

Which version has the fix? Is it the dev version or the production (V1) version or otherwise?

Do you have AR-750 or AR-750S?

Well, I suggest you install some new testing firmwares from here
For the slate

For the ar750

V1 is the original firmware

Works great!
Reconnects like a champ.

Hello I have the same issues but my Router says it is a “750m” which firmware can i use to solve my problem

If AR750 (while without external antenna) you should use this one

If AR750S (black with two antenna) you should use this one:

Got it works great now thank you!

This is getting closer, but still not solved. The new firmware does succesfully reconnect to the wifi source now, thanks!!

But… it won’t reconnect to the VPN unless I log into the web UI and manually connect.

So, the latest test Firmware is better, but the problem still isn’t solved.

For the issue of VPN, did you try it on your PC before using on the router? You should validate it can work fine before using on the router.

btw, which VPN are you using? OpenVPN or WireGuard.

pls send the log (screenshot) of the vpn page after repeater reconnect.

Openvpn should reconnect unless there is no correct config in the ovpn or the server forced you to quit.

I’m using openVPN. I have had this config installed on the 750 for about 9 months with no prior issues. As I mentioned, on this new firmware, this vpn config works fine when I click abort followed by connect.

Here’s a screenshot from today when the 750 failed to reconnect. This is about 7 hours after the wifi source was restored. The 750 had reconnected to the wifi source, but not the vpn.

As usual, I clicked abort, then clicked connect, and it reconnected to the vpn fine. But the 750 can’t seem to do it on its own.

I see. Thanks. The log does not show anything special.

But I can see which server you are using and I will test the same.

I am also using Nord and want to know if I can replicate this issue quicker.

Are you connecting to the same wifi network when your opvn break? I know that if you connect to another wifi network and the server found that you changed your IP, the server will kick you out.

I am on Nord and not sure when this can happen. I will just wait and see. If you know there is a way to replicate this problem quicker pls let me know.

By chance, does anyone know if the “dropping repeater” has been fixed in AR750S firmware version 3.104? Also, where might I find Travelmate in Luci via the menu when logged in? Thanks in advance for the guidance.

You shouldn’t have to be a network programmer to get a wifi router to work correctly for the most basic tasks. gl-inet needs to take these routers off the market until they get them working correctly, because THEY PRESENTLY DO NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED.

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