AR-750M - Stability with OpenVPN


after testing a AR-150, I have now bought a AR-750m. First of all, I really like the HW and Interface/Firmware. But there is an issue I experience with both devices - the stability with OpenVPN (current Firmeware) is not as required. After some hours I simply do not have an internet connection. The VPN server (tested with a different device) is still available.

I have checked other topics and it seems that there are different issues possible and I also do not want to spend several hours testing etc. … So, maybe anyone can give me a general hint what to do?

Otherwise, I have to say that for me this is an ko criteria for this excellent HW…
(plus the WiFi DSF issue)

BR Martin

openvpn has issues for broken for some servers. There are many reasons so we don’t have a solution right now for firmware v2.x.
Some users used a auto connection script and it worked for someone but not all.

In our firmware v3.x we are writing a monitor scripts for this. Things are quite complicated.

Thank you for your fast feedback.

In other words, for the moment your devices are not usable for me (unstable openvpn and WiFi DSF issue)…

Please inform me, when you have completed your solution.


You might consider switching from openVPN to wireguard.
I have a AR150 using wireguard from abroad to own server in home country, mainly for TV, and it works very well.
Only issue is the dependency of wireguard upon time going forward. But a RTC for the AR150 can help here.

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