Ar-750S 2.4GHz WiFi speed


I’ve got a Nexus 5x, Galaxy tab s3, and an Acer laptop.


The Nexus 5x and Galaxy Tab S3 - the wifi chips support HT40, however, it depends on the driver supplied by Android and/or the Vendor (LG/Samsung) to enable HT40 mode - two things that can impact - they might configure the WiFi chipset to 20MHz only, and they might set the 40MHz Intolerant Bit (this is how Apple devices can trigger an HT40 device to HT20 only)

WIth the Acer Laptop - they use many different vendors across their laptop line, so it would help to identify the Wireless Adapter (Vendor/Model - for example “Intel 3165”)

In any event, the adjacent networks in a busy area just might preclude wide channel operation - it’s conditional - consider it “up to 300Mbps”


And that’s why I think it’s a problem with the AR-750S, if I unplug the power and Ethernet from it and plug into an original AR750 the link speed shows as 300

Like I said, not a very WiFi rich area


One thing I forgot to mention - if the GL-iNet device is set to 300 (HT40), and using Wifi as the WAN side, it’ll match the bandwidth of the host AP - so if the host AP is running normal channels in 20MHz, the AR750 should match it.

@Exile1975 - John, is this the case here?


I wish it were that simple. I’m using the ethernet for the wan/internet access.


Is anyone able to confirm that the slate does in fact ever report a 300Mbps link speed on the 2.4ghz band? Maybe someone from gl-inet could look into this now that they’ve returned from their holiday?


Did you try other brand router? Would it caused by your PC only support 150Mbps?


Yes, i can confirm that at least two of the devices will show a 300Mbps connection speed connected with other routers.