AR-750s - connects to hotel WIFI but can't access internet

My AR-750s can’t get hotel wifi to access internet… it connects to the hotel wifi but gets no internet.

I have turned OFF the VPN, unchecked the “dns rebind” setting and still nothing. My other devices (phone or tablet) can connect to the hotel wifi on there own and access the internet BUT must select a few things through the captive portal. Well, there is NO captive portal popup or sign-in at all with the router and in the router settings it says joined successfully and is green but alas no internet.

To make this all worse I’m on vacation and can’t get internet working for days now… please help soon, thank you.

It the router get IP but you cannot use Internet, it is problem of portal.

Except for dns rebinding and vpn, pls also disable dns via tls.

Then reconnect to the hotel WiFi.

If still doesn’t work, pls authorize on your phone and clone MAC address to the router.

How do I disable dns via tls?

It’s one of the options in the DNS page.

Please refer to the guide.

This worked, thanks! Ultimately what I had to do to make this work was clone my computers MAC address in settings, then sign in through my tablet and everything worked. Also note, All the disabling of the DNS option didn’t do a thing, you can leave the default settings, it makes no difference in my experience. Hope this helps anyone who has this same issue in the future.

Hopefully in the future connecting to a captive portal will be made easier.