AR-750S intermittent no response

Greetings, NOOB here. I have an AR750S that I’ve had for about a month now. It works perfectly 99.5 percent of the time, however occasionally it just stops responding for several minutes. I cannot even connect to the Admin panel. After a few minutes, without doing anything, it will start working normally again. I am running in repeater mode and if I switch my laptop connection to the parent Wifi, all is good. Go back to the 750 and no response until it decides to wake up. I am running the current rev 3.025. After regaining connection, if I check the uptime, it shows to be correct; ie several days currently.

Update to the latest firmware from here:

There were a lot of bugs fixed with disconnects and hangs in the more recent firmware versions :slight_smile:

I have updated to last most recent firmwares and AR750s disconnects WiFi randomly and many times in a day, connected devices lose connectivity.