AR-750S Tether to MiFi 8800L

I’m trying to get my AR-750S to tether to my new MiFi 8800L over USB, but after a successful connection only the router has internet access. None of my devices on Ethernet have any connection.

The AR-750S works great if I try to set up a WiFi connection between the hotspot and the router, all devices (router wifi + router ethernet) get connections.

My application requires no WiFi signals, only copper to the devices on the Ethernet ports. I’d prefer to have a mode where I can use the AR-750S as essentially a switch, where the MiFi is the router with the DHCP server, firewall, and NAT.

Are there any suggestions on how I can get this to work?

Maybe related to mtu or ttl?

I don’t think that’s an issue, I feel like it is related to the router not properly creating a route between the internal network and the external network. It seems to do it fine on WiFi, but the tether version with Eth0 as a device doesn’t work right.

The router will not make such mistakes.

This is very similar to the iOS14 problem before. Can get IP but cannot get data through.

I think I got it to work. I had to go into the LuCI interface and manually add all of the network interfaces (wifi, ethx, etc) to the tether connection. This is something that is supposed to happen automatically, and should be reported as a bug.