AR-750S Ver. 3.101 drops 5G Wifi

I am not sure if this is posted in the right category. I have been using the Slate since I got it about 2 months ago without a problem. I have a couple of devices connected to the 2.4G band and the rest of the wireless devices (5) connected to the 5G band.

About a week or so ago, I auto updated to version 3.101. The next morning, the devices connected to the 5G band lost the connection. During the time I could access the admin page, the status of it would show that it was on (but it wasn’t). The only way to restore it was either turning it off, then on again or power cycling the router.

This happened at least once each day. One day, shutting off 5G and turning it back on resulted in it turning itself off after the countdown on the slider. Another couple of times, I was unable to access the admin page at all until I power cycled.

I performed a factory revert (reset). I lost the 5G band overnight and could not access the admin page from the 2.4G band. I reverted the router back to ver. 3.100 yesterday. 34 hour later, the 5G band is still working. Most likely, in this case it is related to the 3.101 update.

Thanks for reporting back and we will investigate this problem.

Is there any way you can send back the logs after 5G lost?

Can you export a log to me, when there is an exception, you can refer to the following methods,

System log

Kernel log

or upgrade to version 3.102 to see, this is our latest release version

There is no 3.102 either here or here

As I wrote in my first post, I reverted back to 3.100 and the problem went away. I’ll upgrade to 3.101 again. If/when it fails, I’ll post the logs here.

Thx for the response.

Sorry, my mistake, the latest release version is indeed 3.101, you can use the following link to test the firmware, version 3.103
We have changed 3.100 and 3.101 as follows,without modifying any wifi part:

  1. Disable IPV6 by default
    2.Fix tor selection country initialization failure
    3.Add kmod-nf-nathelper kernel package
    4.Fix openvpn rules cannot be modified
    Looking forward to your feedback, if there is a disconnection, will your router work in repeater mode or normal AP mode?

I didn’t change it to AP mode or repeater after the failure. When the admin web page was accessible, I turned the 5G band off, then on a couple of times. I clicked the ‘reboot’ button once. Other times when I couldn’t access the admin web page via the 2.4G band, I pulled the power cord and re-inserted it. I didn’t try to access the admin web page from a wired connection to it at any time.

Currently, the router has been running for a few minutes more than 24 hours and the 5G band hasn’t dropped yet. When I upgraded to 3.101, I did it the same way as before. I used the ‘Online Upgrade’ tab on the Upgrade page. I can’t recall how much time elapsed between the upgrade and the first 5G band failure.

Is there a test process or procedure you want me to perform if/when it fails again?

Hi, thanks for the feedback. If the problem occurs again, please follow the above response and provide me with the log information. Thanks again.

OK. It happened this morning. One suggestion…There was no way I could figure out how to output the logs or even copy and paste them. I had to take many screen shots to get the logs you requested. This is unacceptable. The MUST be a way to copy/paste the logs. I spend 30 minutes doing this. While I was doing it, the 5G band came back on. I am unable to upload the zip file, even though it is less than 5,000KB.

Boy, you guys don’t make diagnosis easy on us users, do you?

Here is a link to the zip file:

I just upgraded to 3.103. I guess I’ll see what happens with this version. If it continues, I can still go back to 3.100.

It is very easy to copy logs. Follow the guide to log into the router using SSH from here:

Then you just have to run:

You can paste the logs here.

Thank you for the log you provided, I saw the abnormal information, I updated the wifi driver, you can use the following version to confirm the problem, I guess the 3.100 version of the firmware will take a long time to cause problems

I updated using the ‘openwrt-ar750s-3.104-0324.tar’ image. Hopefully, I will have nothing to report after a few days. :crossed_fingers:

I hope so, and look forward to your feedback, I will also test the new version of the firmware here

This morning, everything was working on the 5G band. After a few minutes, I was unable to download anything. I tried to access the admin web page, but nothing happened. I connected to the 2.4G band and then reconnected to the 5G band it seemed to start working again. I followed the instructions above for copying the logs.

Here is a link to the folder that contains the logs:

From the log, I can’t see the exception, but only see that your terminal is This device is requesting an IP address, then the connection is disconnected, and then you see that you switched back to 5G after switching to 2.4G. If possible, I Want to log in remotely to your routing background to see, you can contact me via email,

It happened again this morning. Refer to the shared folder above for the new log files.

I have sent the firmware version 3.104 via email. You can upgrade and test it. I am currently testing this issue here. I look forward to your feedback. Thanks again

Is there any update?

You can send email ( me ,and I will send the lastest firmware to you.