AR150 and EAP-TLS protocol

Hi there, I’m kind of a newbie and need to connect medical machines to a hospital network that has EAP-TLS protocol authentication, with WIFI.
The medical machines only have basic network capabilitys, WPA with username/password.
The idea is to connect a GL.iNet router to the medical apparatus, (EKG mahine for example) by ethernet, and configure the mini router to connect to the network. So I need to connect with EAP-TLS authentication with external windows RADIUS server and active directory on a smal and cheap router.
is that possible??
thnks for your help !

yes it is possible but pls note this is a little complicated.

Here is what you can do:

  1. set up the router for the first time

  2. Go to advanced settings (luci)->network->wireless

  3. scan wifi and add one Interface (not replacing current interface) add it to zoon “wan”

  4. In the wireguard security configuration choose wpa-eap as in the image below.

If step 3 is too complicted to you, you can connect to a WPA2-Psk network first in our default UI and modify this in luci, which is what I just did.