AR150 and Sony Playstation 3 Eye camera

is it possible to have this work as a camera for the video device. it says cannot find video device

we didn’t include all video modules. Can you manually search for “kmod-video” in the web UI and install the necessary kernel modules.

According to gspca devices - LinuxTVWiki

you may need to install these: kmod-input-core, kmod-video-gspca-ov534


thanks. that got it to be recognized but now i get a message saying my camera doesn’t support yuv/mjpeg. ill prolly just get a new cam.


got a new cam and got it to work. a program i want to use it on requires no authentication. is this possible? i tried username:password@ipaddress/stream with no luck.

No authentication is not possible using our stock firmware.

You can compile your own firmware with mjpg-steamer.

You can also try to download the mjpg-streamer package from openwrt directly, install on the system using

opkg install mjpg-streamer…ipk --reinstall

to replace the old one.