AR150 as a VPN - Still still want to see network

Hi Guys,

I just received my AR150 that I purchased purely as a means to offload my VPN off my Raspberry pi due to it slowing down the unit considerably.

I hoped I’d be able to connect the WAN to my existing network and the PI to the LAN, use the VPN for internet traffic but still be able to access the PI from my main network, and have the PI access NAS drives etc.

this doesn’t seem to be the case, and bridging the connections bypassed the VPN and also stops any access to the UI, meaning to get into the unit I have to factory reset it.

Does anyone know if its possible?


effectively split tunnelling of sorts

It you want it works as vpn you have to use NAT, i.e. you cannot use as bridge. Doing this may disable your access to the PI via local network.

It can be done using static router etc but I don’t know exactly how to do it.

That’s how I initially configured it.

It blocked access to the local network so I couldn’t use the NAS as a storage location

See my last post,