Ar150 openwrt dd trunk usb and bluetooth notes


Great job on this little ar150 router. I ran into a few issues but found workarounds.

  1. goal was to get apple bluetooth keyboard working as hid input device. Had to use kernel_menuconfig to add the apple-hid driver. used a csr bluetooth 4.0 dongle.

  2. the bluetooth.conf for dbus was wrong in truck, but replacing it with the version supplied with bluez works. symptom was bluetoothctl would hang.

  3. along the way i tried a logitech usb keyboard and got usb errors when plugging directly into router usb slot. it works with external hub. not sure if power or maybe the router does not suport low-speed usb devices directly?

thanks for a great little router!

So you connect keyboard and mouse to the router, very interesting.

What are the purposes then?