AR150 - POE port LAN or WAN?


I am about to purchase this model but I need to know which ports support POE, is it WAN or LAN?

The reason I am asking is because I will use this device as a repeater so it will look like this:

Internet —Ethernet— Asus Router —Wifi— GL iNet AR150 —Ethernet with POE— Asus Access Point

This means that I will connect the Asus Access Point to the LAN port on the AR150 in repeater mode. Can you confirm if the AR150 has POE capabilities on the LAN port?

Regards, Christian

The PoE is only on WAN port, not LAN port.

It can only work as PoE power in, not PoE power out.

So if you want it output PoE power that will not work.

But if you just mean PoE in, you can switch the WAN and LAN using software.

Ok, I will use it as POE in only. Can I use the WAN port as LAN port with GL.iNet software only or do I need other software?

The AR150 will receive the DHCP IP from the ASUS router via WiFi so I need to understand if this can be done or if it is needed to happen via the WAN port?

The WAN and LAN can be reversed in software. You need to exchange eth0 and eth1 in /etc/config/network.