Ar150 Repeater Mode Wifi -> LAN

I’ve just received my AR150. I need it for the following purpose:

I have a wifi network with an AP ( and a PC connected to AR150 by LAN (DHCP). I configured the repeater mode in the wizard over WISP, set up my wifi security, it connected. My PC got an IP Address over DHCP, DNS and gateway are configured. I can access internet (which is over Now when I ping (or any other device on that wifi) I can’t reach any other client.

How can I ‘see’ those other clients from the wifi?!

Do you want WISP bridge? i.e. all the devices get IP in 192.168.2.x domain?

Pls try v2.27 from GL.iNet download center

  1. First set up WISP
  2. Set the switch to switch between WISP and WISP bridge
  3. Move the switch to the right side to use WISP bridge
  4. reconnect all your devices