AR150 Repeater Signal Strength

some days before i Went into my wifi problems (Another thread) i managed to connect via wifi . I Then Started a wifi scan for repeater mode and didnt find any Network, although my iPhone found several wifi Networks. Any suggestions?

Are those wifi in 5G frequency?

AR150 is just 2.4G router.

I dont think so, cause Once I found the Network via the glinet router

From the list of available networks. If not shown could select ‘Join other network…’ at the bottom of the list of SSID’s and manually enter the SSID (Network Name) & Password

Could also be wireless channel? (Maybe 13 or above?) and that’s why it’s not picking it up.

I checked the wifi channel of the hotel‘s network with a wifi scanner and the hotel‘s wifi was on many different channels.

Why does the Router have problems with higher channels? Can I fix this?

Think it can be to do with the region and the wireless bands in that region. Might be worth checking that your region on the router is set to your location - although if its operating on many diff bands and still not showing maybe it’s unrelated

Where do I set the Location?

Your AR150 radio is definitely damaged… You can’t connect to it when you’re more than one meter away and it can’t detect any wifi…

Maybe if you place the AR150 just next to the other WiFi you’ll see it

I started a Hotspot on my Mobile Phone and placed it next to the AR150. The AR150 then found the Hotspot. How can I Repair the radio? Can a new antenna fix this?

Where is this info from?

Are you using external antenna version of AR150?

You should never disconnect/connect the antenna while the router is powered on. this may damage the radio.

If you barely get signal from the router in 3-5 meters away from the router, the radio may have been damaged.

He posted that on another thread recently

You are right. Just realized that.

Yes it is the model with external antennas.

I only have signal up to two meters away.