AR150 -repeter mode

I’m trying to integrate a AR150 in an already existing network as repeater.
My problem is that the WiFi clients that are connecting to the router are getting the IP from the AR150 not form the master DHCP.
So my goal is that all the clients to be see each other no meter if they are connecting to the master router or to the repeater AR150.
For me it is even better if I can configure the NAT, to have 2 networks ( - master network and second network) and the clients form the first one to access the second network using the second ip range.
Does somebody manage to do this type of config?

You need to configure static route on your master router, add a route to If you don’t know how to do, you should read your master router’s manual.

Thank you, your info help me.
Below the configuration.
Main router firmware dd-wrt
Main router ip:
repetor wan ip :
repetor lan ip

Thank you for the info.
I’m still interested if it is posibile to use the main router DHCP for the repetor.

Yup, you can use Extender mode. More Settings - GL.iNet Docs

However, you have to upgrade to the latest testing firmware.