AR150 + Tor 2.64

Much like the AR300M thread, I am not getting the TOR firmware to run properly on the AR150. My guess is that the device is not reading the left-right switch since the management pages are available in both settings. Also, I can connect to the open Internet with both left-right switch settings without issue. I tried restarting the TOR service to no avail.

I’m guessing the switch logic and subsequent device configuration is borked.

Can you make sure that both side your internet is not on Tor?

From my testing, when the switch is on the right side, the admin page is still there due to browser cache. Merely F5 doesn’t make it disappear. Using Shift + F5 then the page disappears.

For the button, you can ssh to the router and check the status. You can find out how the switch status is detected in /etc/init.d/initswitch

a tor firmware 2.70 for a AR150 will be released ?

Not likely recently. What features you need?