Ar150 tor DHCP

Please help solve the problem with the AR150 on the TOR 2.264 firmware. My USB modem is flashed as Hilink (when connected to the AR150 it is defined as eth2) in the panel you can configure the Internet using DCHP, but in this case the Internet is taken from eth0, not eth2 where my modem is.

Can you set up tethering in the default UI? It will use eth2 as Internet.

If not you can go to luci->network->interfaces and find wan interface, then change it from eth0 to eth2.

This does not help, the tor is still waiting for the Internet on eth0.
If there is Internet on eth0, the torus starts connecting, it does not speak other interfaces.

In this case, your modem is recognized as tethering not modem, you should select Tethering in Protocol field.

The router does not see in this mode neither the smartphone nor the modem

So you should try the default firmware. We don’t maintain tor firmware.