AR150 VLAN Configuration

How does one configure VLANs on eth0 and eth1?

swconfig list

Found: switch0 - eth1
swconfig dev switch0 show
Global attributes: enable_vlan: 0 Port 0: pvid: 0 link: port:0 link:up speed:1000baseT full-duplex txflow rxflow Port 1: pvid: 0 link: port:1 link:up speed:100baseT full-duplex auto Port 2: pvid: 0 link: port:2 link:down Port 3: pvid: 0 link: port:3 link:down Port 4: pvid: 0 link: port:4 link:down VLAN 0: vid: 0 ports: 0 1 2 3 4
Is port 0 the CPU?

I’ve tried several physical connections to eth0 an eth1 and always get the same result. Its as if there is an additional switch I’m not seeing. I also can’t figure out the hardware. swconfig dev [ar8216|ar9331|ar9330] show all fail to connect to the switch. swconfig dev eth1 show provides a result, but only shows two active ports regardless of physical connctions.

Put another way, lets say I want to put 3 vlans on the LAN port (eth1) and trunk them to an external vlan aware switch. We’ll call them 2, 4, and 8. What’s my network file look like? Do I need to install anything?



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AR150 has two Ethernet, one is eth0 and one is eth1. eth1 is one switch. So you only have

swconfig dev eth1 show

Eth0 is not a switch. You can use ethtool to detect if cable is connected.

For eth1, port 0 is cpu, port 1 is connected to RJ45. Other port are not exposed so you cannot connect.

I am not sure if you can set vlan on on RJ45 port.

Thank you Alfie,

Let me echo that back and make sure I understand. I’m adding the information from the Ar9331 documentation.


eth0 is connected to SoC < GE0 < PHY4 < (This port is not part of the SoC Ethernet Switch)

Eth0 lacks hardware support for Port or 802.11q VLANs.


eth1 is connected to SoC < GE1 < Ethernet Switch < MAC1 < PHY0 <

By default the Ethernet Switch on GE1 is configured:

All Ports VLAN 0

802.11q ignore

Eth1 should allow for 802.11q VLANs.

Does that all seem correct to you?


Must VLANs on eth1/Port1 also be tagged on CPU/Port0?


Is it possible to get into Failsafe mode in OpenWRT? I’m not seeing the indications from the lamps or UDP packet during boot. Guessing was that removed for the much better bootloader recovery…

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Yes. That is correct. Vlans should be tagged as well.

I even didn’t explore the failsafe mode of openwrt. Anyway the uboot has a UI which allows you to recover the system.

Hi, sorry my openwrt AND routing skills are close to zero, but from what I found googling for ar9331 soc datasheet I found:



my question is: is there a way to configure openwrt whit only one interface lets call it eth0

and then having the switch whit two phy ports eth0.1 and eth0.2 so that I could mirror one port to the other

and use one to connect to a router (I am using ar150 as an AP) and the other mirrored port to be used

as interface to be fed to my PC card as wireshark probe?

Second question can I have on the same vlan managed by the switch both the ethernet lan and the raidio lan

(I am talking about the bridged interface I am using as wireless AP) and mirror it on a vlan created on the second physical ethernet port to be used as feed for wireshark.

Sorry my I know my jargon is probably non right, but I hope you can understand my questions.

Bests P.

You don’t need use vlan.

You can refer to a port-mirror project for OpenWRT.

Hi thank you for your reply, I’ll have a look at it. But I was more interested to a reply to my questions, maybe my logic is faulty I don’t know a lot about routing, but I would like to try to understand how they and their firmware work so my question about the ar9331 switch and port configuration. Question are still on.

Thank you all