AR150 VPN Performance

Hi all,

So I just bought an AR150 and first off I have to say I am impressed by it’s bang-for-buck.

Pretty much the first thing I did was upgrade to the v2.25 firmware.

The wireless is off as I have no need for this other than to act as a VPN router.

So my setup looks something like this (it’s FTTC):

Wall Socket ----[WAN Connection] Sophos UTM [LAN Connection] — [WAN Connection] AR150 [LAN Connection] — LAN

I’m using connections to NordVPN which I can run merrily on say my Windows machine at near normal speeds.

My new VPN router will basically be the default gateway on the LAN for anything I want encrypted.

Firstly…it works.


The performance is truly dismal.

With no VPN connection at all, over wifi, I see around 25-30MBits download speeds

With the NordVPN or oVPN client running on my Windows machines via WiFi I still see 20-25Mbits

The AR150 is struggling to hit 2MBits.

Is this normal? Is it just that underpowered?

Possibly worth noting that it is currently running off of a 1A PSU - is it worth getting a 2A one?

Thanks in advance

It doesn’t related to power.

AR150 can achieve 10 Mbps. 2MBits is not good. Maybe you can change a vpn server and try.