Ar150 wan led gpio

With what command can I see what GPIO is configured of the LED’s? Says GPIO 17 but that does not seem right since GPIO 17 is a on a header pin.



I found it:

cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio

GPIOs 0-29, ath79:
gpio-0 (gl_ar150:wlan ) out lo
gpio-7 (BTN_7 ) in lo
gpio-8 (BTN_8 ) in lo
gpio-11 (reset ) in lo
gpio-13 (gl_ar150:lan ) out lo
gpio-15 (gl_ar150:wan ) out hi

So the WAN LED is tied to GPIO 15 on the AR150 (The Domino Core seems to use GPIO 17 for the WAN LED)

Actually the datasheet and firmware can be very different.

The datasheet said GPIO17 is for WAN, maybe it is because in Atheros proprietary drivers they configure like this. But the OpenWrt open source drivers never configure like this and you can link any GPIO as LED and assign to device services.