AR150 wifi won't go to 40MHZ


Can anyone help me please?

I have AR150 and configure 40MHZ channel with mode N.

The status shows only 20MHZ and link speed of 72Mbps.

I can’t think of what settings might help to get it in 40MHZ mode.

I have tried different country codes, different channels and I can’t understand why it will not go to 40MHZ and therefore 150mpps link speed!!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


please use the UI to set this, don’t use LUCI to change HT40 manually.

Sorry, can you please explain what UI and how do I access it.

I only know LUCI, UBOOT, SSH.

Could you please explain how to change to 40MHZ.

Thank you.

Please check the docs

You can change wifi to 150Mbps in the settings.