AR150 with Easytether Problem with 10+ devices

I live in a rural area so I use a dedicated cell phone for my home internet connection.

I use the AR150 with Easytether because I have data restrictions on my hotspot, this allows me to bypass this restriction.

Everything works great for the most part, but once I have 10 devices connected, things halt to a complete stop.

The devices I have connected use little bandwidth: Arlo doorbell, 2x Arlo cameras, 3x led light controllers, garage door, 3x smart door locks, a macbook pro (website activity), 2x desktop computers (on but not doing anything).

Unless I reboot the AR150, I cant get the browsers working on the desktops or the laptop. Once they are connected, they are SOLID until I am done, but when I need to use them again it does the same thing. I am convinced that @ 10 devices, I am having an issue.

Where is the bottleneck?


Samsung 20FE → AR150 → Easytether software → Nighthawk router as AP → Devices

Speed test on Samsung = 80-120 MBPS
Speed test on any device connected to Nighthawk as AP router = 10-40 MBPS

Are you using a standard power adapter? If you do not use Easytether software, just use the AR150, connect all the devices, whether there is a problem?

I have no idea why device count is a problem for tethering. Maybe just too much load when using easytethering in AR150.

I just bought the Convexa-S. I’ll have it this week and test out with this more powerful device.

Did you see an improvement?

I set up VPN and have over 30 devices running very well with nearly perfect up-time. I use wireguard/mullvad.

When I play some online games, like fortnite, I do get crazy latency (because of the VPN), and I’ll maybe restart the router and connect to another server and I get like 60-120 ms, which isn’t bad.

Overall it’s a great solution for me in a rural area.