AR300 M16 file sharing

I am trying to use a GL AR300 M16 as a file sharing hub. I need it to connect to a wireless network and be able to send and receive files between a usb in the router via a cloud for data transfer.
But the file sharing option is not showing in the applications menu, I read an article that says you need to install some plugins but my device does not have enough space to install them.
I am not very familiar with router setup but I am thinking I should be able to remove plugins I don’t need to use and only have what I need to allow the file sharing?
Any help would be greatly appreciated


it's not possible to free space by deleting anything. You need to extroot [OpenWrt Wiki] Extroot configuration your router before installing filesharing.

But the AR300 is too weak for filesharing imho.

Hi admon, thanks for your reply
I read through the instructions and it says it won’t work with the Fat32 file format, do you know if there is a way to get around this? I need to use Fat32 for the project I am working on.
Also do you have any recommendations on what router would be best to use given the ar300s weakness? I went for this model because of its size, I am looking to pull data files from machine terminals so I need as small of a router as possible

If you are trying to build just a file server without the need of it being a full travel router, you are probably better off running generic OpenWrt than running the GL iNet firmware, as the GL iNet firmware has a bunch of packages that make it a travel router that you will probably not need.

Generic OpenWrt uses less then 1/2 the flash space on a AR300M16, giving you a lot of room to load other packages. On the issue of Fat32, you should be able to load generic OpenWrt modules for Fat32 and you should be able to get them to work along with the Samba modules to do file sharing. I would use a fast USB stick as your Fat32 file system, to keep it separate from the internal flash drive, as the flash drive has a limit on how many times it can be re-written.

I use generic OpenWrt on some AR300m for different projects. It is surprising how powerful the little device can be. It makes a really cool hobbyist device that runs a full Linux kernel.

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