AR300M 2.261 - slow scp / rsync

I’m having some issues with SCP. I am copying a file from a remote host on the internet to a local USB drive plugged into the AR300M.

I seem to recall getting over 700KBps with SCP before. Something has happened, and I’m not sure what.


Without VPN enabled I get the following speeds (same source host and destination USB)

curl I get 1750KBps

scp I get 160KBps


With VPN enabled I get:

curl 480 KBps

scp 160KBps


The CPU is not pegged. load average is around 0.5 even with VPN enabled, so it is not CPU bound.

Okay I guess after a firmware reset I lost openssh-client . I reinstalled that and scp and rsync is back to 1.2MB/s without VPN and 500KB/s through VPN.


Didn’t realize how much faster openssh is over dropbear on these little routers!

Seems the problem is not ssh, but when you write to USB storage when connected to WiFi. Reading should be fine.

Nope it was dropbear causing the bad performance. OpenSSH is much faster. As noted in first post reading over the network via curl (http) I was writing to the USB device at 1750KBps.


Using DD I tested write performance to the USB device to be 2.7MBps .