AR300M - 4G modem support in 3.019 - Raw IP (not 802.3)

On the recent 3.0 Production Release.

Using a UBlox modem - this is a QMI/MBIM based 4G module that has the following ports

ttyUSB0 - Diagnostic Port

ttyUSB1 - AT commands

cdc-wdm0 - QMI

This is a RAW-IP based modem, so no support for 802.3 style frames

Modem is configured as ATT, has a valid SIM, and the APN is “Broadband”

Modem works with Ubuntu and ModemManager (the PPA, not from the main repos) - with 3.019, the modem is “kind of” seen, but we cannot connect.

I have done a stock OpenWRT build, incorporating ModemManager, and can connect there with the following repo as source…

What info does GL-iNet need from me to integrate support for the UBlox devices?

Should be noted that OpenWRT’s ‘uqmi’ doesn’t seem to work well with this modem either - libqmi and libmbim do work.

@luochongjun pls have a look.

I think direct ip should be supported and I remember.

Can you dial success with ttyUSBx?If you want qmi to support raw- IP mode, try replacing the file in my (3.0 KB)

No better - actually it’s tripping up on the device creation…

PM me, and let’s go from there - I’ll arrange for a temporary port forward to the AR-300M directly.

uqmi - for what it’s work, also trips up - make more progress once we set set raw_up to Y (it defaults to no) on stock OpenWRT (on AR150 with 18.06.2 direct from OpenWRT)

ifdown wwan
echo y > /sys/class/net/wwan0/qmi/raw_ip
ifup wwan

Get more progress after that.

FWIW - just moved over to ModemManager

This is largely because upstream uqmi is just a real mess with some devices.

It’s a bit fat as it pulls in some desktop stuff - mostly libdus and glib2, but MM is fairly modem friendly for most Qualcomm based devices.

Basic OpenWRT master build with Luci and MM is around 6MB, uses 24MB of RAM, so fits nicely inside AR150.