AR300M brick and..recovery attempt

This dump image is very very old but will bring the box up and running again. From there, you’ll have to flash the three segments again, with the informations (basically the real mac addresses) of your box.

In order to do it, you have to send a request to the gl.inet staff. They will send you the proper ART partition to flash, if you send them a picture of the label underneath the router.

I will provide you a uboot version that has been corrected, so you can upload new firmwares from the uboot GUI without bricking the router again!
Just give me a day or two…i can’t remember the uboot version without powering on my router.

I turned on my old and faithful AR300M.
This is the U-boot version I have installed:

With this version of the Uboot I didn’t encounter surprises anymore.
I still have the bin file, but it is surpassed. I post it as historical evidence. It might still be useful to someone.
GL.inet recently uploaded a more recent version of the uboot that shall be even better I guess.
You can find it here

@hrenexus @DragRedSim with these new uboot images you should not experience problems anymore I guess. I strongly advice to upgrade the uboot once you recover the router using the dump file or by other means, so you don’t risk to brick it again with the flawed uboot GUI that trunked the NAND images.