AR300M Connectivity Issues

Hi, I recently bought the AR300M travel router to connect to my USB hotspot. I have a SIM put into a ZTE Velocity mobile hotspot, and connect it to my AR300M via USB. Everything works well enough, but I wanted to connect the AR300M to my TP-Link AC1750 and boost the signal. I read various pieces here and there about how to do it and was able to get everything set up. However, recently it seems that within a day all connectivity drops from both wi-fi networks even though it says everything is connected. My setup is a bit weird because I live way out in the country and this is the only internet I have available, but just trying to make the best of my situation.

Does anyone have any information to keep the disconnects from happening or can help me set it up to be a bit more reliable? I am ultimately hoping to build a mesh wi-fi system but don’t want to spend the money if I’m going to need to reset things every day. A simple router reset does not fix the problem, it seems randomly unplugging and plugging cables back in works after 20 minutes of trying. I’d be happy to provide more info if it helps, thanks!

First thing to try is a new power adapter which can provide 5V2A output.