AR300M - Correct Uboot File?

Have a stuffed AR300m and trying to uboot back.

What is the correct file to uboot reload? There seems to be Ubis and NANDS and all sorts of version??

Have tried a few of them an still don’t have a working device :frowning:

Help please :slight_smile:

So you want the NAND img file from here:

Or did you bork uboot itself?


No uboot is fine but if I load that file from directory you’ve suggestedI get the following sequence on leds
Solid power flash green flash red
Solid power flash green flash green/red
( or similar).
Just keeps repeating.
Wired connection (linux mint) says Wired - cable unplugged.

Hard power reset ends up in same flashing sequence and no wired connection :frowning:
No visible WiFi

Have tried the 3.104 and if I try the 3.104 adguard image I get:

I do believe that before I tried to reflash the wifi SSID it came up with was GL-AR300M-XXX-NOR if that means anything.


Further update. It would appear that I needed the AR300M16 NOR image to at least get it up and running again.

So next question is:

  1. What is the advantage of running out of NAND?
  2. How do I get NAND image onto the box?
  3. How do I make it boot from NAND rather than NOR?


Ah, well looking at this thread it has been covered a bit:

If yours says AR300M16 on the label, then you have only NOR and not dual memory :frowning: