AR300m-ext Firmwares?

Where I can find upgrade (3.105?) for AR300m-EXT? If I use GL.iNet download center I only can see TESTING for 300m16. GL.iNet download center

Here :slight_smile:

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Okay thank you. Why can’t it be possible for GL to have a page with explanations of firmwares? FTP is very good if the year is 1979.

At least they supply firmware updates unlike many of the ‘mainstream’ suppliers. :joy:

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Here is the release page GL.iNet download center

Yes they are really really good. Also they could maybe be more good.

Yes, I know this. You see on this page, where you see explanations for each firmwares, what is what, and have good clear informations?

Also I don’t see this.

You can set your router to auto upgrade.

If you click on the three dots on the top left (on the mobile site). You can see the release notes and see what was added or fixed for the stable releases.

Yes. This does not helping, more when I do now know what firmwares are what. I am asking for explanations please. Really, most obvious simple thing that can exist.

No way!

Why “nand” for this? (This is one of many things that could be having informations on page to explain firmwares.)

And why is 3.105 using 18.04? This is correct? @limbot


There are two models of the AR300M:
AR300M16 - 16MB of NOR
AR300M - 16MB of NOR, 128MB of NAND.

The AR300M is the only router in the Gl.Inet range that allows you to have 2 versions of firmware:

The router will by default try and boot from NAND and if it can’t it will boot from NOR, hence there is two versions of the firmware NOR and NAND and you can actually use this as a “backup” situation. You can manually set the router to boot to NOR if you want to.

Having the NAND version means you have much more flexibility and can add more packages and run things like the ADGuard firmware which you can’t with the AR300M16.

I don’t work for Gl.Inet but believe they are trying to get good and stable firmwares for all the “older” devices based on 19.07 but still adding fixes/enhancements to the existing 18.04 firmwares until they get stable 19.07 versions.


Okay this says that because there is no informations on website, and because NOR firmwares exists in /testing, maybe people are flashing wrong firmwares. This is why some informations on web page are good, not only Release Notes.

But okay I understand. For this moment. Next year I will again not know this and ask again when I must upgrade another time.


Hopefully I"m still around to help you in a years time… :rofl:

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