AR300M-Ext: reboot with sms

I’d like to reboot my router with sms. My router is in a remote place and it is connect to internet with a usb key. If for some reason it loose internet connection, I have not the chance to reboot the router. Can I perform this solution? Is there any chance?

How your router connect to internet? By network cabel or wireless repeater ?
Why it loose internet connection?

Never tried, but you can do as follow:

  • Writting a shell script poll to read received sms. Here is a tool for your reference SMS Server Tools 3 btw, it is integrated init v3.0 firmware.

  • You just need read /var/spool/sms/incoming, if you received a reboot message, remove it(otherwise the device will reboot permanently) and reboot the router.

  • Add your shell script to /etc/rc.local.

My router is connect with internet usb key and sim card.

you mean usb modem. usb key is commonly used to mean a storage device.

yes usb modem!