Ar300m freeze


My ar300m-ext is getting worse, everyday, and during multiple times, wifi transfer cuts, and sometimes the AP signal get disconnected. I thought my pfsense box or my switch could be the problem, but after checking they work normally. So I have to reboot the ar300m every time, which makes no sense.

I have max 3 devices connected at the same time, am I missing something?

Thanks for your help.

Hi studoap8. I’m no expert, but I’ve had problems like this before. Might I recommend you make sure you have a power supply that can supply enough power? If it’s been working with the same supply, maybe it’s pulling more current because of more clients, higher outside temp, or something like that.

Anyway, It’s an easy test to get a power supply with more current capability and see if that helps.

Thanks for your help, I changed the power adapter to a raspberrypie one, but it changed nothing…
Maybe it’s a configuration problem? I use it on router mode (on WAN), connected to a switch.

I’ll invest in a better AP probably.

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A power adapter charging smartphones is generally better, because it output less noise.

For the configuration, maybe you can consider reset the device and start over.

Weirdly, using a smartphone adapter does more crashes, while the raspberry adapter is a bit better.

Nothing to do with power supply. The ath9k f/w WiFi stack is buggy under heavy load. Check openwrt forum for tp link archer c7 unstable 2.4ghz. You can accelerate the failure by doing iperf over WiFi.

As I understand, combining neighbor routers interference + multiple clients on the AP makes it unstable?
I only have 60mbs on my router and max 3 clients on the AP, seems not a lot.

I guess I’m stuck with the 2.4Ghz band, so I’ll try to limit the number of devices connected at the same time.

Either,. Your workaround

Sorry for the delay,

I tried to follow the thread, what’s the command doing? Is it a way to detect a crash?

Thank you for your time!