AR300M-Lite Build -Your-Own-LEDE-Firmware ;)

Having finally made time to try out an AR300M-Lite, I can confirm the LEDE 17.01.04 Imagebuilder produces a perfectly working firmware using the AR300M target.

Just remember to build with the WiFi turned on and you will be flying! This device is amazing value for the IoT experimenters out there with its rock solid, full open source hardware support.

Thanks for sharing this. Did you use our github? We have the default settings that enabled the wifi.


Not your Github, but straight from the LEDE downloads page:

and used the imagebuilder there with an entry in files/etc/uci-defaults/customconfigs to switch the wifi on.

If anyone is interested I can post some details.


im interested with your build. Can you post some details? Thanks in advancr


Are you familiar with ImageBuilder?

In short, all you need is a UCI file adding into your image to switch on the wifi.

The files folder is where you put files to be included in your image, create it if you need to ie imagebuilder/files

Then in the files folder of imagebuilder create etc/uci-defaults/customwifi

containing the following:


uci set wireless.@wifi-device[0].disabled=0

uci commit wireless

exit 0


Thanks. I will try it soon…

As posted in another thread:

For convenience if you are not ready to build your own firmware, there is a standard LEDE image with wifi enabled and luci installed on our web site here:

This is NOT a GL-iNet release but one I have made and is straight from the standard LEDE ImageBuilder, with wifi enabled and nothing else but luci installed.

PS LEDE uses for the LAN interface by default. This will most likely clash with the router you connect your Lite to. If so use instead.

If anyone wonders why GL-iNet firmware uses, then this is the answer :wink:


@ bluewavenet: What packages do you include with ImageBuilder?

Could you post your full “make image …” line?


As I mentioned earlier in this thread, the image is a basic one with just Luci added and WiFi enabled.

the make image command is as follows:

make image PROFILE=gl-ar300m PACKAGES="base-files luci " FILES=files/

You can of course add all the packages you require in your image to this line.

Don’t forget to add the uci-defaults folder and the WiFi enabling UCI file to your files folder :slight_smile:

You can add your own custom code or data folders/files to the files/ folder in the Imagebuilder.

Note: After installing the Imagebuilder you have to create the files/ folder and point to it in the image command line as I have done above.

Thank you, bluewavenet!

Is enabling WiFi via UCI-file enough? How does the firmware know the Wifi-settings, e.g. SSID, wifi password etc.?


Doing what I describe just enables the WiFi by default in the standard LEDE image for the AR300M.

ie SSID is LEDE and no password. It is then up to you to set it as you want it.

You can build the image with your own wifi defaults by putting in the relevant UCI commands into the uci-defaults/customwifi file just as I did to turn on the wifi.

If you are not familiar with all this, a good starting point is: