AR300M-Lite custom firmware



I tried to flash may custom firmware:

compiled GitHub - domino-team/lede-1701: a clone of lede-1701 and add patches for GL's new devices


but it stuck on boot, fixed red led.

It needed a patch for firmware?





how many LEDs light up? I think it should just works.

only red…

I fixed compiled version, my error on selected packages.

Official lede instead hangs!

I will try official LEDE firmware.

We tested the official LEDE firmware and it works just fine. Not sure what is the problem in you side.

<span id=“result_box” class=“short_text” lang=“en”><span class=“”>I’ll have to try it again, thankyou!

Any instructions on installing official lede?

  1. Download official openwr/lede firmware
  2. flash to the router using guide Firmware Upgrading - GL.iNet Docs or Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs

And is this lede from or from the official lede website?

You can use our compiled firmware. You can also use firmware from LEDE/Openwrt. The process is the same.

I am unsure how to go about installing lede/openwrt there is no guide to follow

I am having a huge problem adding a network interface. The web ui just tells me

Form token mismatch

The submitted security token is invalid or already expired!

In order to prevent unauthorized access to the system, your request has been blocked. Click “Continue »” below to return to the previous page.

This token problem is a bug.

But installing LEDE/Openwrt is just the same as in the guide I posted.
Download Openwrt firmware from

Then flash using the existing UI, don’t reserve any settings.

I ended up booting libreCMC and i’m getting a bit farther in my project but for some reason I am unable to establish a wireguard handshake.

Just wait for our new UI then.