AR300M-LITE: how to make wan port as lan port permanently?


AR300M-LITE has only one wan port, but I plan to use it as wifi client.

Swift repeater mode, deleted wan and linked lan to eth0, works! but eth0 was always removed from lan after reboot.

Anyway can change wan port to a lan port? please advise!


It should not auto revert to wan. Not sure why.

You saved the settings, right?


Yes. definitely saved the change of setting, but eth0 always became unchecked after either reboot or power off.


I read your solution about using the wan port as lan port. Is it possible to describe the process in detail how to change the wan port to a lan port in combination with WiFi installed with wisp. So I’m able to use my nas, which has only a lan connection.


Just install firmware 3.0 and you can change wan to lan easily by one click.


Thanks! will find time to upgrade the firmware。


Great, Thanks for the info.


When I activated automatic firmware update, I got the message that 2.27 is the newest. Will the 3.0 version actually work on my GL-AR300M-Lite Mini Router, or will it brick the router


It won’t brick the router, will work well on AR300M-Lite. Feedback is welcome if you found any bug.


Thanks for the reasuring. Now to find the proper procedure to install version 3.


upgraded to 3.010, cool web-gui. works very well! Thanks again!