AR300M or AR750 or SFT1200?

We currently use a WiFi 4, 1x1 router attached to our modem router with gigabit fiber connection to internet. WiFi suits our needs. Streaming, video calling, updates. Very rarely at the same time.

Laptop consistently reports MCS index 6 or 7 with corresponding TX rate. 6 right now with four clients. For some reason internet speed test, I assume not limited by the service, is always below 30.

Given our modest needs, there will any benefit in upgrading beyond AR300M? I would expect to connect at about 150 TX rate. And anyway speed of obtaining something from the internet is already way below even the current rate. Am I wong?

Thanks for sharing.

AR300M - Wi-Fi Speed 300Mbps (2.4GHz)
AR750 - Added 433Mbps(5GHz)
both with 100Mbps Ethernet Speed.

SFT1200 - Added 867Mbps (5GHz)
Ethernet Speed 1000Mbps.

5G is common and if your internet connection is below 100Mbps, so AR750 is recommended.

Thanks for your reply.

My internet connection at home is 1 Gbps. Possibly symmetrical. But my speed test with either Fast, Speedtest or Librespeed is about 30 Mbps.

Ar750 (or 750s ?) is more worthwhile than ar300m

You may also consider convexa b or gl-a1300 or official refurbished ax1800 or b1300 whichever is available and/or cheaper

The latest glinet product that may better utilise your 1gbps connection will be gl-mt3000

All of them do still need optimized setting up to your environment

(My personal recommendation as a normal user)

What is wrong with SFT1200 Opal?

Nothing wrong probably, I never tried glinet with sf processors

But if their prices are near, I would prefer to go for qc CPU or Mt CPU (brand names)

I tried following devices
E750 (near a750)

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