AR300M: P2P Transfers, Different Subnet, confused and needing help

Hi everyone - So I seem to have things up and going pretty well previous post notwithstanding, however I’m having issues setting up my p2p sharing settings.

I’ve gotten my NAS connected to the AR300M, VPN settings test correctly using the DNS-Leak test torrent file.

However when actually attempting to connect to any torrents, I get “Tracker: Connection Failed” or “Connection Failed”

I know this comes down to my inexperience and hobbled together network skills, 100% for sure, and I’m hoping the fix is easy.

Just to confirm, here’s my setup again.

Actiontec Router (ISP) -----> TP Link Router (Dumb Switch) -----> AR300M (WAN Port) ----> AR300M (LAN Port) ----> Gigabit Switch ----> NAS

The VPN setup information I’m using is from GetFlix. I’ve setup a torrent client on my computer and I get the same errors of “not working” from the udp connections. I discovered one issue was I was not using a P2P server, which I’ve corrected, and torrents download but I know it’s not at full speed.

I have added the AR300M to the DMZ and tested the port through Transmission and it says it’s closed. I’ve forwarded the ports, still closed. Started the UPnP server, no dice. I know there are options to enable WAN access, but it’s late, i’m hungry and very tired and confused.

Is there something I’m screwing up or something I need to set up on my router/ar300m?

On top of this, I’m having some difficulty connecting through different subnets.

My main network is 192.168.1.x, my 300M is 192.168.8.x

I can connect from my 8.x network back through just fine, but if I connect to anything from my 1.x network, it fails (connecting to the ar300M fails whether I’m using the device’s assigned 1.x

I’m sorry for being such a bloody pest, and thank you in advance for any and all help in getting my stupid face figuring this out.

****** Been still working at this with little success.

Basically I just want to use the 300M as a dumb box that operates as a way to connect devices to a VPN.

So my Apple TV and my NAS need to be able to connect to it. I don’t want it to do anything but function as a VPN connection for privacy and to access say Netflix or Hulu.

All connections are the same as above but I’m just really confused as to what to do to connect this properly.

Man it’s been a long night. I’m going to give up for now and try at this again tomorrow. Unless someone happens to be up and I don’t care about sleep in any way shape or form!

Sigh. Thank you for humouring me.

Your VPN provider has to allow having a port forward on their side through the VPN tunnel to your client. The port given to you by the VPN provider will be tunneled through the VPN.

Not many VPN providers do this, and from my cursory look at GetFlix , it doesn’t.

You need to set a static route on the main router to forward traffic to whatever static IP you’ve assigned the 300M.

Hmm, darn.

I can’t do static routes on my router, either.

Guess I’m at a roadblock with this device. Oh well.