AR300M repeater no internet

After setting up the AR300M as a repeater, internet works fine when connected to the AR300 via wifi. If I disconnect from the AR300M SSID and reconnect later there is no internet access. I have to disconnect the AR300M from the repeated wifi connection and connect again.

Sounds not reasonable.

Does the repeater requires auth via a captive portal?

No. I’m testing it on my home wifi. I’m troubleshooting some more now. I reset the router. So far it’s not happening anymore. If all continues to go well I’ll add my OpenVPN setup tomorrow and see if that makes the problem occur again.

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Looks like it was one specific OpenVPN server I was connected through my service causing the issue. The main screen still showed I was connected to the VPN server when I apparently wasn’t so, that still seems like a problem to me.

Maybe it is just because of slow UI?

I don’t think so. It will stay like that with no internet access until I either reconnect to my routers wifi or choose another VPN server.

I was having a similar problem - if I set up the AR300M as repeater / wds etc and connect clients via wire I get no internet.

I’ve tried direct to a modem, or using a trusty Mango as the source, same symptoms.

If I connect a wire to the wan port it works dandy either as a router or access point.

Problem was definitely the power supply - repeatable on the USB port of the PC and works correctly every time on 5v2a wall wort.

If you are using the USB port on your PC or DVR etc. for power you may be causing your problem there.

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Thanks for sharing. Let me mark your replay as the answer for now.