AR300M- Tethering

I got this device to create a WiFi network in my van (Amazon Firestick, Fire tablet, Windows laptop, cell phone), but will be using it mostly off-grid without access to internet to cast downloaded videos from my phone or tablet to TV.

My cell phone uses Verizon but doesn’t have a Hotspot or tethering app. I have FoxFi and PDAnet apps. Does anyone know if it’s possible to use my phones cell service and the GL to create off-grid wifi with internet?

If FoxFi still works on your smartphone, then you can try it. I used FoxFi years ago, but it no longer works on recent smartphone models.

I have the PdaNet+ app on my smartphone as server, but it requires the PdaNet+ app to be installed on the client devices to connect to the server. PdaNet+ is Android only, so cannot be installed on GL.iNet or other OpenWRT routers.

You can also check if your smartphone supports tethering over the USB port.

If your TV and phone/tablet supports screen mirroring (a.k.a. Miracast), then that should work over wifi only, without an Internet connection. Google Cast (a.k.a. Chromecast) requires an Internet connection.

For me to watch downloaded videos during travel, I personally prefer to go old-school by connecting an HDMI cable from my phone, tablet or PC directly to the TV. Newer Android phones and tablets support inexpensive USB-to-HDMI cables. I keep both types of cables in my travel kit and have been able to watch videos on hotel TVs that have HDMI ports accessible on the back.

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Please refer to Tethering - GL.iNet Docs (